‘Heapr’ – Fast Search Engine

v Heapr is a great mashing of a couple big dog search engines: Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha, Flickr for images, and for video searching it searches Youtube, Vimeo , Hulu and other sites in a clean and fast interface all at once.

v When you complete a search your main results are from Google featured on the left.

v On the right side of the page one of the other three contestants is showcased and you can easily switch between these remaining three, which are set up like tabs, with the click of a button while never loosing the ever accurate Google results.

v Browser addon available

Google Enhancer 1.76

v Google Enhancer is a SEO Firefox add-on

v Adds Google advanced Search options for easier access: Date range; Language; File type; Icons; Numbering; Highlighting