How to view .xlsx, .docx in word 2003

Microsoft provides a patch to view the higher version(xml format) files.


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Viewer also available to view .doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx in Microsoft site. Viewer are just use to view the document. We cant edit anything in the document. Viewer are mostly used in the situation of ms office is not installed/not available

word viewer –

excel viewer –

PowerPoint viewer –

How to Print Comments in Excel 2007

It can be quite helpful to have a printout of all the comments that have been inserted on a worksheet.

Step1:Open the desired excel sheet.


: Select the Page Layout and choose Page Setup.


: Select Sheet tab and select Comments dropdown.


: How you want to print the comments, choose any one of the options (None, At end of sheet, As displayed on sheet) and click ok.

Note: Now when you print the spreadsheet, the comments will be included