how to get the system configuration

System also comes along with our life as we eat, brush like a friend. So, we must know some basic about our friend(system). First, its configuration.
How to find Configuration of system.
a) easiest and most familiar method is right click on my computer go to properties

– displays the processor it uses &
– Ram size

b) got to accessories system tools – system inforamtion

c) portable hardware configuration utilitys are also one of the famous such utility is cpu-z

link to download cpuz –

Just install to a folder and carry that folder where ever u want to execute – portable application

d) Final most is to get the full detail inforamation of ur system from a to z. That is that include how much ram installed in which slot, whar are software intalled, how long it is used and so on.
Is there any software reproduce these many inforamtion @ free of cost. Really it can be gathered usin Belarc advisor.

Link to download Belarc advisor –

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