Mouse via keyboard

Is there any possibility to use ur keyboard as a mouse too..

Yes!!! . we can use the keyboard number pad (num pad) as mouse.

Method 1:

Without any third party software installation – using the settings in XP

Step1: go to control panel

Step2: Open Accessibility Option

Step3: move to fourth tab named as mouse

Step4 : Tick the checkbox and close

Step5: Now ur numpad is ready to use a mouse

mouse via keyboard

Mouse using keyboard

Method 2:

Using a Freeware without installing it.


Step1: Download Mouseemulator from the below link

If the link not work please copy and paste in URL

Step2: Extract the zip

Step3: Double click on mousemu.exe

Step4: Now ur mouse via keyboard is ready. To more detail about the keys setting see the image below


Mouse using Mouse Emulator


simple steps for icon convertion (.ico)

need a png file
icon converting software

as we know many online application for converting icon
Step 1: My most favourite site is convert icon

Step 2: Upload ur png

Step 3: click convert icon

step 4 : right click – save target as two save ur favourite icon(.ico)

Enjoy.. start converting ur favourite picture. enrich ur desktop with ur own icons

MS Word 2007 Using Chart

Step1-Position your cursor where you would like to insert the chart

Step2-Open the Insert ribbon

Step3- Click Chart in the Illustrations section

Step4-Select the style of chart you would like to insert

Step5-Click OK

Note: The chart will appear in your document. Additionally, an Excel worksheet opens. You can enter your data in the worksheet. It will automatically update the chart in Word.

How to change measurement units in MS office

Step1: Click the Office Button.

Step2: Choose the Word Options.

Step3: Select the advanced in the left pane.

Step4: Scroll down the Display section.


In Word: Use the Show measurements in units of . (Inches, Centimeters, Millimeter, Points, Picas)

In Excel: Ruler Units (default units, inches, Centimeter, Millimeter)

Step6: Then Click Ok.

Display full path in Title Bar

Step1: In Folder Options, under Advance Settings In view tab.

Step2: Check “Display the full path in the title bar.

Note: Now when you hold your mouse pointer over a window’s Taskbar item, the path appears.

Enable / Disable – New Programs installed alerts

Step1: Right Click the start menu choose properties.


In Vista – Start Menu tab – Choose customize option.

In XP – Choose advanced tab – under start menu settings.

Step3: If you want to

Enable: Check “Highlight newly installed programs”

Disable: Remove the check in “Highlight newly installed programs”

Hakia – Semantic Search Engine


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