Mouse via keyboard

Is there any possibility to use ur keyboard as a mouse too..

Yes!!! . we can use the keyboard number pad (num pad) as mouse.

Method 1:

Without any third party software installation – using the settings in XP

Step1: go to control panel

Step2: Open Accessibility Option

Step3: move to fourth tab named as mouse

Step4 : Tick the checkbox and close

Step5: Now ur numpad is ready to use a mouse

mouse via keyboard

Mouse using keyboard

Method 2:

Using a Freeware without installing it.


Step1: Download Mouseemulator from the below link

If the link not work please copy and paste in URL

Step2: Extract the zip

Step3: Double click on mousemu.exe

Step4: Now ur mouse via keyboard is ready. To more detail about the keys setting see the image below


Mouse using Mouse Emulator


Resizing / Modifying primary partition

How to resizing the primary partition

Before starting this we just brush the basic

In a computer every data is stored in a storage medium,  called as hard disk. Hard disk stores OS (operating system).  The hard disk can have many partition with a each partition of minimum of 8mb. Usually partition of harddisk fall into three category.

Primary               Extended->logical

Primary partition has only system file which cannot be further partition

Extended partition – Rest after creating a primary partition is the extended partition

Logical – extended is further divided as logical partition

Correct Method

If in case we have partition the entire harddisk as primary partition, nothing wrong if os problem occur no data cant be recovered.

Wrong Method

Thus proper way is to created atleast 2 partition.

If we installed os in entire harddisk there two ways to do further partition.

a)      Reinstalling OS

b)      By using 3rd party software one such software we used is a freeware.

Partition Master.

For more details about how to resize please refer –

partition-tool, easy us

download :

Open Source OS

Linux is a open source operating system.

There are many type of  Os in linux. We like to give intro about few of them.

Question while switching from comfortable micorsoft product

  1. How much its cost ?
  2. how will be the interface??
  3. where to get it???

Since its a open source free ware application we can get it over nearby linux delaer at a low cost below Rs.100 or else we can simply download the version we needed
Now a days linux seems to resemble as windows. GUI inteface – graphical user interface
we can get it directly form linux websites. A speciality of linus it gives us a live demo without intalling a kb of file in our system(hard disk).

Some most common and popular linuX OS and their download links

Note : download file is in .iso format. we need to burn into cd using nero or any writing software.

Please see the following page for burning an iso your CD or create a USB driveClick show me how

Ubunthu –

Download @

kubuntu –

Download @

Fedora  –

Download @