Using a Background Image in Excel 2007

If you want to dress up your spreadsheet a little bit, you can add a background image.

Step1: In Excel sheet go to the Ribbon and select the Page Layout tab.

Step2: Choose Page Setup section and select Background.

Step3: Browse to the location of the desired image.

Step4: Select the image and click the Insert button.

Note: Your spreadsheet now contains the background image.

Remove the Background Image

Step1: Go to Page Setup section on the Page Layout tab and select Delete Background.

How to Print Comments in Excel 2007

It can be quite helpful to have a printout of all the comments that have been inserted on a worksheet.

Step1:Open the desired excel sheet.


: Select the Page Layout and choose Page Setup.


: Select Sheet tab and select Comments dropdown.


: How you want to print the comments, choose any one of the options (None, At end of sheet, As displayed on sheet) and click ok.

Note: Now when you print the spreadsheet, the comments will be included

How to Clear the Values and text while Keeping Formulas?

In spreadsheet that requires you to clear the values but retain the formulas in Excel.

Step1: Open the Excel worksheet containing the values and formulas.


: Go to dialog box, click the Special button.


: Select the Constants radio button.


: Now you want to clear the numbers choose “Numbers” or “Text” under the formulas. Click ok.


: All fields containing values and not formulas will be highlighted. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to clear out the values.

Edit Your Document While In Print Preview

Have you ever been ready to print a document but when you used Print Preview to review how it will look, you found something that needed to be changed? Instead of exiting out of Print Preview to edit your document, you can make your changes while you are still in Print Preview.

Step1: While viewing your document in Print Preview, go to the Ribbon.


In the Preview section, uncheck the Magnifier checkbox.


The Magnifier cursor will change to a Text Select icon. Make the changes to your document and print.


Click Close Print Preview from the Ribbon.


Save your document to keep the changes you made.

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