Resizing / Modifying primary partition

How to resizing the primary partition

Before starting this we just brush the basic

In a computer every data is stored in a storage medium,  called as hard disk. Hard disk stores OS (operating system).  The hard disk can have many partition with a each partition of minimum of 8mb. Usually partition of harddisk fall into three category.

Primary               Extended->logical

Primary partition has only system file which cannot be further partition

Extended partition – Rest after creating a primary partition is the extended partition

Logical – extended is further divided as logical partition

Correct Method

If in case we have partition the entire harddisk as primary partition, nothing wrong if os problem occur no data cant be recovered.

Wrong Method

Thus proper way is to created atleast 2 partition.

If we installed os in entire harddisk there two ways to do further partition.

a)      Reinstalling OS

b)      By using 3rd party software one such software we used is a freeware.

Partition Master.

For more details about how to resize please refer –

partition-tool, easy us

download :


Test Your Anti-virus

To test if your antivirus is in good working condition you should do as in continuing:

  • Open “Notepad” and copy this text:
  • The text should be in one horizontal line
  • Then save file as “” including quotation-marks
  • After some seconds saving this file your anti-virus should come with the message that this file is infected virus asking permission for its delectation/clean.
  • This file is secure and its not gonna infect your computer in whatever way. It is a standard text developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research (EICAR).Every antivirus is programmed to load this file as a virus.
  • If your antivirus is not going to hack this file as a virus ,in your screen will appear DOS window with this text EICAR-STANDARD-ANTI-VIRUS-TEST-FILE”.
  • If this happens then you should probably find some other Anti-virus up to date, meaning your PC might already being infected from viruses and your current anti-virus do not recognize them.

Eccellio Science

Eccellio Science is fully dedicated to students and researchers that want to obtain search results focused on Science matters, not just Wikipedia as it often happen, but accredited and specialized websites.

It is a Search Engine that brings a cool new feature, named “Faceted Classification”, that easily allows finding exactly what you are looking for on the Net.

Also “Eccellio Science – Search Engine 20090615” is the addon used to set this in your search bar

Understanding the Different Types of Indents

There are 4 diferent Types

  • Left Indent moves the left margin of a paragraph to the right.
  • A First Line Indent moves only the first line of a paragraph to the right
  • With a Hanging Indent, the first line aligns on the left and the rest of the paragraph “hangs” from the first line.

To create a Hanging Indent, click carefully on the bottom triangle and drag the Hanging Indent Marker to the right. The “hourglass” will split,as in the above picture and example for hanging indent is shown below

  • A Right Indent moves the right margin of a paragraph to the left.

Changing Which Inactive Icons to Hide or Display?

  • Right-click an System Tray or Taskbar Properties click Hide inactive icons &  choosing “Customize Notification”
  • Current Items – Icons currently available in the Windows XP or Vista Taskbar Notification Area
  • Past Items – Icons previously visible in the Windows XP or Vista Taskbar Notification Area. These icons may refer to software not currently running, USB devices not currently plugged into the machine, networks to which you are not currently connected, and more.
  • Choose from three options
  • Hide when inactive – (default behavior) Windows XP or vista will hide the taskbar icon when it deems it is not being used.
  • Always hide – Windows XP or vista will keep the taskbar icon hidden except for when you click the “Show Hidden Icons” button.
  • Always show – Windows XP or vista will keep the taskbar icon visible whether it is being used or not.

Font and its specific use

Serif fonts : Well known serif font is Times Roman
Serif fonts are ideal for projects that need to express traditional
values and solidity
Sans-Serif : Well known Sans-Serif font is  Arial
Sans-serif fonts should be used when projecting simpler and
cleaner designs. They also tend to work better on the web at
smaller sizes.
Script fonts: They can be used to add a sense of luxury to a design
and to give a more ornate feel.
Handwriting fonts: They can also be used to make a message within
a design feel more personal to the viewer