Online screen capture utility

step1. given the website u like to capture

step 2. select the particular area and then click cut to proceed

mainly for website capture

Screen Capture using Irfan viewer

How to use the irfan viewer to capture the screen capture utilites

Irfan viewer is basicaly an image viewer with some more additional functionality..

step 1. Open irfan viewer

step2.  goto option Cature (or) just press c

step 3: Now u will get a diaglog box. which enable to configure the process like

Whether to capture using a hot key (ex. Ctril + F11 (by default)) or to capture in particular seconds

where to save the file / or to view in viewer

step 4. press start. Now press the hot key

Enjjoy screen capture in irfanviewer(an free viewer)

Irfan Viewer Screencapture

Irfan Viewer Screencapture