Font and its specific use

Serif fonts : Well known serif font is Times Roman
Serif fonts are ideal for projects that need to express traditional
values and solidity
Sans-Serif : Well known Sans-Serif font is  Arial
Sans-serif fonts should be used when projecting simpler and
cleaner designs. They also tend to work better on the web at
smaller sizes.
Script fonts: They can be used to add a sense of luxury to a design
and to give a more ornate feel.
Handwriting fonts: They can also be used to make a message within
a design feel more personal to the viewer

How to use ‘Shape Opaqueness Choice Box’ in Mspaint

  • Open a MS Paint window.
  • Choose any shapes or open any picture.
  • If you want to insert any words or sentence in that picture or shapes.
  • Select text option (A), after the selection a icon will be displayed (Nameof the icon – Shape Opaqueness Choice Box) in toolbar.
  • Choose First Icon it will displayed the white background.
    Second Icon it will displayed Image background

Assign Keystrokes to Symbols for MS Word

  • Go to Insert Menu.
  • Click the Symbol. The Symbol dialog box will appear.
  • Highlight the symbol you propose to use.
  • Then click the Shortcut Key button
  • The Customize Keyboard dialog box will appear.
  • In the Press new shortcut key box, type in the key combination you want to use, like, press ALT+ the desired key.
  • After Click Assign Button.  A new keystroke for the symbol.
  • You can save the shortcut key for the symbol either with the Normal template (the default document template) or with the current document

Signbot – Make your own animated scrolling text LED sign


Signbot –  Write some text and click ‘Generate Sig’ to make your own animated scrolling text LED sign to use on MySpace, as your forum sig or avatar, or anywhere else.

Browse the web using MS Calculator

  • Open your MS Calculator.
  • Open the help-window by pressing the F1 key.
  • Click the top-left corner icon of the help window once (Standard is a Document with a Questionmark).
  • Select ‘Jump to URL’
  • Type your address into the avaliable field, but remember to type http://, and not just www. (or equivalent). Example : http:\\

* Type your address into the avaliable field, but remember to type http://, and not just www. (or equivalent).

Example : http:\\

Screengrab 0.96.2

Screengrab 0.96.2 is a firefox addon used to capture webpage as images as you like using  the options Complete page frame, visible portion, selection and window under copy and save category.

After installing you can find screengrab option in the right click

Mozilla Sunbird

1.    Sunbird Portable is a standalone calendaring and task
management application built on the same technology as the
Firefox web

2.    Download and install the application for the below link:            

3.    A folder will appear in that click SunbirdPortable.exe to start your new task or event as like outlook calendar