Fire Fox Addon – Converter 0.9.3

Firefox Converter is an addon to convert the measurement in same page without opening another newwebsites.


Converts either the selected measurement (via right click), or the entire page (via status bar icon).

Supported units: meters, feet, degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, inches, centimeters, kilometers, miles, km/h, mph,square meters, square feet, kg, lb, fl oz, milliliters, and more (plus some spelling variations). Support for currency conversions is still in its infancy, but the formats it recognizes are properly converted

Browser Size – See How Others View Your Web Site

· Browser Size is a new online service from Google Labs which helps you see how others view your website.

· It is based on a sample of data from visitors to

· A special code collects data on the height and width of the browser for a sample of users.

· For any selected point in the browser, the tool will tell you what percentage of users can see this particular selected point.

· This tool can really come in handy for web designers and developers as they can use Browser Size to redesign their web page to minimize scrolling and make sure that the important parts of the page are always prominent to the visitors.

· Open the ‘browser size page’ and specify your ‘web address’ and hit the ‘Go’ button to see how others are seeing your website.

how to set multiple web pages to open when firefox start?

Multi Site Opener is a cool firefox addon which allows you open multiple websites you specify in separate tabs or in new firefox windows [ as shown in the image
below ]


After installing you can locate the extension in firefox under File Menu – Tools >> Multi Site Opener


Just click the option pointing to Multi-Site Opener here and enter the URLs you want to open simultaneously in already running firefox.

Fire Fox Addon WOT – Safe Browsing Tool 20091028

Would you like to know which websites you can trust?

Use WOT – Safe Browsing Tool 20091028.

This is a addon to know which websites you can trust. The WOT add-on is a safe surfing tool for your browser.

Traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web.


How To Preview Websites in Different Browsers and Operating System


· It makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers.

· It is a free open-source online service, when you submit your web address, it will be added to the queue.

· A number of volunteered distributed computers will then open your website in their browser.

· Then resultant screenshots will get uploaded to the central server at BrowserShots.Org where end results can be seen

Firefox Shortcut

alternative shortcut to scroll a page in firefox

click SPACE BAR to move down (or)

click SHIFT + SPACE BAR to move up

Eccellio Science

Eccellio Science is fully dedicated to students and researchers that want to obtain search results focused on Science matters, not just Wikipedia as it often happen, but accredited and specialized websites.

It is a Search Engine that brings a cool new feature, named “Faceted Classification”, that easily allows finding exactly what you are looking for on the Net.

Also “Eccellio Science – Search Engine 20090615” is the addon used to set this in your search bar

View Two Browsers in Firefox

  • Install IE Tab 1.5.20090525 add-on
  • It’s just a click of an icon in the status bar at the bottom of your browser and the page automatically opens IE in that tab
  • Then click the icon again, and it changes back to Firefox.
  • You can also right click on a link and choose to open the page in IE in another tab, all while still browsing in Firefox.
  • With IE Tab, you can view two browsers at once without ever having to open IE.

ShowIP 0.8.17
  • To install the Addon just open the download with the firefox.
  • Very handy addon. It reveals the IP address of the current page at the status bar and does a lot more with it like IP tracking, Who is lookup etc on right click.

Online Image editer

Pixlr Grabber 1.2  is a firefox addon used to edit images online
1.    Choose any images/content in the webpage
2.    Right click and select  either ‘edit  with pixlr’ or any option
under capture screen based on the image/content needed
3.    Image to be edited opens in a new tab and it looks like MS paint