Paperless report printing

Process of taking printout is to make it not editable and for further reference. In order to safe nature and maintain all our condition. We can Take pdf copies of report using pdf printer. Easy way of pdf creation.
No upload, no waiting, no hot copies

Pdf Printer

do pdf

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pdf reader – lower verion

Find the light weight, limited feature reader in oldversion . A reverse trend collection of softwares(new,old,older,oldest) –or–(version 6, version4, version 1.1).  “Old is gold” – “Can never beet the old”

You can hear the contents of an Adobe PDF file

Follow these steps to hear the contents of a pdf file.

¨ Step 1 : Open any Adobe Pdf document , visit the “Read Out Loud” menu under the View tab

¨ Step 2 : Click on Activate Read Out Loud

¨ Step 3 : Now you can hear the document by either visiting this menu or using the following shortcuts

¨¨ Ctrl + Shift + B : To hear the entire Document

¨¨ Ctrl + shift + V: To hear the currently selected page

¨¨ Ctrl + shift + C: To resume/pause

¨¨Ctrl + shift + E: To stop hearing

How to open a single pdf multiple times?

Step 1: Usually a pdf file could not be opened more than once using double click (OR) by file open

Step 2 : Instead open a pdf and go to Windows menu and select ‘New Window’ option in the menu bar of the pdf

one pdf in muliple windows